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Dog Grooming Is More Than Fur Deep

Many pet owners buy into the notion that dog grooming is a frou-frou luxury for those who have run out of things to spend money on. Don’t count veterinarians among them. The consensus among vets is that regular grooming is essential for your dog’s current and future health. Your fur baby’s skin, fur, paws, teeth, nails and glands all carry potential risk for disease and must be kept in good condition. Dog grooming is more than fur deep!

Dog Grooming Is More Than Fur Deep

Nipping Health Problems in the Bud

To understand the importance of dog grooming, think in terms of little problems turning into big problems down the line. Here’s how routine grooming procedures can help:

  •  Haircut.

The groomer can find small tumors and skin abnormalities that are often telltale signs of infection.

  • Expression of anal glands.

Regular draining and cleansing of rectal discharge can prevent itchiness and discomfort that lead to bad habits like rubbing hind ends on the ground, scratching or biting the area—habits that can also lead to infection.

  • Nail trimming.

You already know morning walks aren’t quite as pleasant when your furry buddy has a sore foot. Overly long nails can put her in a permanent bad mood and eventually affect her posture and even the structure of her foot.

  • Tooth cleaning.

A regular trip to the dog groomer is like a regular trip to the dentist. Oral health can prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Disease prevention

Although Lyme disease is more curable in canines than humans, it is a miserable experience no dog should have to endure: fever, fatigue, stiffness of joints, pain and loss of appetite. Dog grooming specialists can find infected ticks that you missed. Matted hair can hide other parasites like fleas and worms as well.

Quality of Life

A professional dog grooming is an extension of your love for your pet. A massage with oil improves circulation, relieves stress and nourishes skin. A regular shampoo keeps her smelling and feeling good so you’ll want to cuddle with her even more!

Let’s face it: These aren’t procedures you are going to do regularly for your dog, despite your best intentions. Connect with a qualified, licensed professional to set up regular appointments: contact us

Reasons to Board Your Dog During Vacation

Going on vacation is a hectic experience. You have to pack up all of your bags, make hotel arrangements, and plan your route. Although it can be a lot of fun to take your four-legged friend along with you, there are times when it simply isn’t feasible. When taking your dog on vacation is more of a hassle than an adventure, consider a boarding facility. Some dogs become anxious and jittery when they have to travel in a car. It can be a serious distraction to the driver when they have to operate a vehicle with a hyperactive dog in the back.

Reasons to Board Your Dog During Vacation

Remember that there are many establishments that do not allow dogs. If you stop somewhere to eat, it’s going to be a hassle to decide on who goes inside and who has to stay in the vehicle with the dog. Depending on where you’re located, it may be difficult to find a dog-friendly hotel. Some people may be tempted to leave their dog at home, but this is not a good strategy for a variety of reasons. Many dogs will throw tantrums in those situations and tear the house apart. With a sudden lack of stimulation, they may shred books and magazines, chew on valuable objects, or just make a mess of the place. Additionally, it is not necessarily safe for a dog to be left alone for long periods of time. Some dogs have a knack for getting into things they’re not supposed to touch. Hazards like electrical cords and household chemicals can pose a serious danger to your pet.

However, with a dog boarding service, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. You can simply drop off your pet in a safe and controlled environment where they’ll be looked after. No more worrying about driving a long distance with a dog in the back of the car. No more worrying about the sort of mischief that your dog may be getting into back at the house. Just drop your dog off and let the professionals do the rest.

Here at Pawsh Doghouse, we provide boarding services for the Houston and League City areas. We also provide grooming services, pet sitting, and doggie daycare. If you’re going away on vacation and you need someone to take care of your pet, please feel free to contact us. Making vacation arrangements is stressful enough as it is. With us, you can go off and have fun with the peace of mind that your pet is in good hands.

The Many Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Are you tired of coming home from work to find that your dog has torn the house apart in a fit of rage? You have to go through the whole process of straightening the place up, scolding your dog, and figuring out how you’re going to prevent them from doing it all over again. If this is a regular occurrence in your house, you might consider investing in doggie daycare. This way, professionals can look after your dog and you won’t have to constantly worry about whatever mischief they’re getting into. With doggie daycare, you don’t have to come home to find your living space full of torn up pieces of toilet paper, gnawed up furniture, or torn up bags of flour.

The Many Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Additionally, doggie daycare is a good idea from a safety standpoint. Although the mischief that dogs tend to get into is usually innocent enough, they could pose a real danger to themselves. For instance, some dogs have been known to chew on electrical cords, which can be extremely harmful or even fatal to your pet. Also, consider the possibility of an emergency situation such as a fire or a burglary. In a situation like that, your poor pets would be left to fend for themselves. On the flip side, you can rest assured that your pet will be taken care of at a doggie daycare facility.

Doggie daycare is a positive experience for a number of reasons. When you drop your dog off at a doggie daycare, he will get to socialize with other dogs. This is far better than allowing your dog to sleep on the couch all day. At doggie daycare, they’ll have the opportunity to release some of their pent-up energy that they might otherwise use to shred that book you’ve been reading. Hopefully, they’ll sleep more soundly as well.

At Pawsh Doghouse, we do everything we can to make sure that your four-legged friend is well taken care of throughout the duration of their visit. We are located in the League City and Houston areas. Not only do we offer doggie daycare, but we also offer grooming and boarding services. If you are interested in dropping your dog off at any of our four locations, please feel free to contact us.

Dog Boarding For The Holidays

It’s a common question every dog owner faces during the holiday travel season: “Who will take care of the dogs while I’m away?” Your usual dog sitter may be traveling, or you may not know anyone who can look after them. That’s where dog boarding comes in! You can rest assured that your beloved pups will be taken care of while you travel.

Dog Boarding For The Holidays

Boarding vs. Sitters

If you’re used to hiring sitters, you may be a little cautious of the idea of boarding. However, there are advantages to boarding over sitters that make it an excellent alternative if you’re looking to try it out.

  • Constant Supervision: When you board your dog, you can rest assured that they’ll be carefully watched and won’t be able to get into any trouble or danger during their stay.
  • Socialization: Your dog will be around many other dogs and people in a safe environment, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lonely. They may even make some new friends!
  • Flexibility: Dog boarders are willing to work with you and your dog to figure out the best plan for their stay. Does your dog need more time alone to de-stress? That can be easily arranged. Does your dog have a blanket it has to sleep with? Bring it over! Anything your dog needs or anything that will make it easier on your dog can be worked with.
  • Trusted Professionals: Nothing beats your dog’s owner, but you can be assured that your dog will be left with professional caretakers with a passion for dogs who will give them the best treatment they can.


If the idea sounds like a good fit for you and your dog, now is a good time to start preparing for it. Start off by visiting the facility and finding out as much as you can. Ask the staff questions, and see if you can even take a tour of the place. If it all sounds and looks good, start bringing your dog over and familiarizing them with it. That way, when it’s time for you to leave, they’ll already be more comfortable.

When it’s time to drop your dog off for their boarding visit, it’s also a good idea to drop them off with a favorite toy, or even some of their favorite treats. The familiar comfort and smells of home will ease their nerves and make it a much more stress-free time for them.

If you’re in the Houston area and are ready to start scheduling visits or boarding for the holidays, contact us today! We offer several packages to fit your needs and will make sure your dog is as spoiled as can be away from home.

Is Doggy Day Care Be Good for Senior Dogs?

Most dog owners know that as their puppies grow and become senior-aged canines, they start to become stressed, stiff, and develop different health problems. Since you’re their owner, it’s crucial to provide the best life possible for your pet and looking at doggy daycare as an option for daily help could make all the difference in their life as they enter their later years.

For skeptical readers, I can give you two incredibly good reasons doggy daycare can provide excellent service to your pup while you’re busy working, running errands, or traveling out of town. Your doggy deserves the best in their lives as they’ve been an essential part of your life for years. They deserve some fun with other dogs and professional staff.

Is Doggy Day Care Be Good for Senior Dogs?

Daily Exercise

Doggy daycares can provide a reasonable amount of exercise for your older pup. Most places will have an evaluation period where they are assigned a fitting group for playtime. For a large portion of the day, they will be kept inside for their safety, and then they will be taken out multiple times for potty breaks. Being classified into a group suitable to their temperament will make all the difference in their daily exercising and ensuring they are comfortable and happy while you’re busy or away.


As some dogs get older, they become increasingly more clingy as they want more interaction and socializing. They don’t want to run and play as often as puppies, but they do need affection and attention. Bringing them to a doggy daycare could provide them with hours of socialization with staff members and other like-minded dogs. At the end of the day, you will be picking up a dog that is both exhausted and satisfied with their day of play.

If you’re living in Houston and interested in bringing your dog to daycare, contact us, and we can provide a variety of options for your needs. We offer daycare 6 days a week with drop off as early as 7 am and pick up as late as 6:30 pm. We also offer dog boarding and grooming if needed.

What to Consider When Choosing a Doggie Day Care

Attending daycare is a great way for your dog to practice socializing and expend pent-up energy. Here are some points to consider when choosing a daycare facility for your furry friend.

What to Consider When Choosing a Doggie Day Care


  • Visit in person. A good daycare will be willing to give you a tour so you can see how awesome their place really is.
  • Cleanliness. Some hair and slobber are normal, but strong urine or feces odors are a red flag.
  • Play areas. These should be surrounded by 6-8 foot fences that separate large and small dogs. They should not look crowded. Plenty of clean water should be provided here, as well as shelter from rain, heat, and cold.


  • Adequate numbers. At least one person should be in each occupied play area. A good ratio is 1 human to every 10-15 dogs.
  • Knowledgeable. Staff should be familiar with dog behavior, able to interpret body language cues, and comfortable administering any necessary food or medication.
  • Communicative. Staff should be willing and able to inform you if your dog was involved in a fight, injured in some way, or displayed concerning behavior.
  • Attitude. Calm, gentle, and positive staff members will provide the best care for your dog. Look for an attentive staff that dotes on your dog.

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Proof of vaccination. A good daycare requires that all attendees have up-to-date vaccinations, to ensure safety and limit the spread of disease.
  • Emergency care. Ideally, a staff member will take your dog to his usual vet immediately if he requires emergency care.
  • Disinfecting procedure. A proper disinfecting procedure protects your dog from viral and bacterial infections.
  • Evacuation plans. Be sure to ask about the facility’s evacuation plan and how you can get your pup safely home in case of an emergency.

Other Dogs

  • Initial evaluation. Good daycares evaluate new dogs to determine how they interact with others. There may be both a written questionnaire and dog-to-dog temperament evaluation.

Contact us to start your doggie daycare search today!

Why Boarding Your Dog At Your Vet Is Probably A Bad Idea

There are plenty of dog boarding facilities out there, but for most people, the one that springs to mind is probably the one they are most familiar with  – their veterinarian. Now, not all veterinarians offer boarding services, but many do. They already have the areas and the staff for it since they often have to care for other animals overnight.

Why Boarding Your Dog At Your Vet Is Probably A Bad Idea

While some may find it comforting to know their dog is so close to medical help, and it can be valuable if your dog is already sickly, it is probably better not to board your dog at the vet.

The Vet is Scary

Think about it. Your dog probably already hates the vet. The only thing that happens there is pain. Furthermore, many dogs feel this way. You’d have to imagine that the entire vet office is just soaked in the anxiety and fear of thousands of animals. Even if they aren’t getting their shots, your dog probably doesn’t want to spend the night there.

Your Vet Isn’t Designed For Comfort

While some veterinarian offices have spacious spots for pets, they aren’t really designed for long-term stays for the most part. Some vets may simply put your dog in a metal cage just barely big enough for them. It is not exactly the most luxurious spot, but it serves the purpose most veterinarians need it to – the animal will heal.

Vets Lack Staff

Your dog will be let out to relieve themselves while staying at the vet, but that is probably all. No long walks, no play time, no attention other than potty breaks and food. It’s kind of sad to think about it, but the staff at the vet is for keeping animals healthy and not necessarily for keeping them happy.

Need a Better Dog Vacation?

If you thought boarding your dog at your vet is your only option now have a better alternative.  If you live in the Houston area and you are interested in leaving your pet in good hands then contact us today to discuss your many options.

Why Do Some Dogs Need Coat Trimming?

Depending on your experience with dogs and dog groomers, you may know that some dogs need more grooming than others. All dogs need regular bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, but some dogs also regular coat trimming as well.

Why Do Some Dogs Need Coat Trimming?

It should be noted that not every dog benefits from it. Some shave their dogs down so they might be cooler, but in truth, fur is the best temperature regulator that most dogs have. It also protects them from the sun. Without it, they are at a disadvantage.

Dogs grow hair in stages. The hair will go through a growing stage, and once that ends, the growing will stop, the hair will fall out, and new hair will grow. This is why your dog sheds, because that fur reached the end of its life cycle. However, not all dogs do shed.

Take the poodle breed, for example. The poodle is a famously hypoallergenic breed because they do not shed. Their fur actually sits in a continuous growth cycle not unlike humans. The hair will grow longer and will not fall out. What happens when hair does that? Well, they need a haircut. This is why all hypoallergenic breeds need to make the trip to the groomers. They do not shed and their hair keeps growing. This means they can become a literal fur ball with hair constantly in their eyes and mouth if left uncared for. They will be prone to matting and tangles, which can be treated with both brushing and trimming by the groomer.

If you have a dog that needs trimming, contact us today. Whether your dog doesn’t shed or sheds excessively, they can benefit from a trip to the groomers. We can help make sure your dog has all their crucial maintenance tasks taken care of so they look their very best.

While Owners are Away – Pets Will Play

Regret crating your pet but hate coming home to chaos? Doggie day care is the answer. “Is there a dog daycare site near me?” you ask. If you live in the League City or Houston Texas, areas, the answer is a definite yes! Pawsh Pets offers several convenient locations, You’re sure to discover one near your home or workplace.  While Owners are Away – Pets Will Play

While Owners are Away - Pets Will Play

Simply drop off your pet after 7 am, and pick him or her up as late as 6:30 in the evening, 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. You’ll be assured of his or her safety and happiness while you’re at your place of business.

Dogs, more than most pets, crave constant care and attention. Dog Daycare Services at Pawsh Doghouse include fun games like bubble chase, snack time, and group or intimate play.

Safety is a priority. Trained staff members evaluate each pet at arrival, regarding suitability for group play, then assign him or her to a set of companions similar in age, size, temperament, and activity level. If your pet needs personalized play, away from other dogs, we provide that as well.

All playtime is indoors, with everyone rotated outside for frequent potty breaks. Your pet won’t have to wait all day for relief. Puppies, in particular require constant access to the outdoors in order to become properly housebroken. Let us do most of the work for you.

It’s unhealthy for a pet of any age to be confined all day, without the ability to relieve himself when needed. Doggy day care saves your home from damage, and promotes the health of your pet.

At Pawsh Doghouse, we offer dog wash and full grooming services as well. With a grooming center on site, why not offer your pet a spa treatment?

See our website to find a price package that suits your pet’s needs. The modest cost of each day’s stay is a small price to pay for the pleasant evenings and improved relationship you’ll enjoy with a pet whose exercise needs have been met during the day by our caring, trained staff.

Contact us online or at one of our locations for more information on how doggie daycare can improve life with your pet.

Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

While your pup may never need a haircut, and baths may be quick and simple, regular grooming and skin care is essential for a healthy short-haired dog. For these dogs, it’s not about brushing out tangles and trimming long locks, but paying close attention to the condition of the skin. Shorter hair means less protection against potential allergens and environmental hazards. There are many benefits to starting a grooming routine for your dog, even if there isn’t much hair to brush!

Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

Building Trust

A well-balanced dog is accustomed to nail trimmings, dental care, and various examinations. You want your dog to be comfortable in all types of procedures and trust the humans performing them. This will be especially helpful for vet and groomer visits. You may need to start slow or work with a professional trainer if you don’t yet have a regular grooming routine or are working with a dog that has had negative experiences in the past.

Spotting Skin Issues

Without a thick coat for protection, short-haired dogs can easily develop skin issues like allergies or infections. The advantage of having a short-haired dog, however, is that it’s easier to notice these issues before they become serious. Catching problem areas early may prevent costly veterinary procedures or medications. Use a flea comb to look for things like dandruff, fleas or flea dirt, insect bites, rashes, discoloration, and pustules. A quality diet, baths with gentle shampoos, and flea and tick preventatives help ward off these problems, but they can’t replace a thorough skin check.

Your Dog Will Love It!

Most dogs love a good massage, and they won’t protest a rub down with the right brush. For short-haired dogs, you’ll want to avoid the slicker brushes and de-shedding tools. Choose a gentle, soft-bristled or rubber brush. This is a great way to strengthen your bond and keep your dog’s skin and coat in great shape at the same time!

If you’re looking for a dog groomer in the Houston area, contact us today to learn what services we offer for short-haired dogs.