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Pawsh Dog House Review
Lottle T.
I have a friend that works there and I hear all these great things from her. Visited a couple of times, they had great customer service and when I went to ask some questions they gave them to me but also in great details. Hope to go there again


Pawsh Dog House Review
Floyd J.
Totally love this place and so do our babies.


Pawsh Dog House Review
Magda W.
We did boarding at Pawsh. Our second time, boarding our dog. We did the first boarding attempt at PetSmart and when I went to pick up my skittish dog he was absolutely frightened. (He’s a rescue and naturally scared of people, but it was amplified.) When I picked up at Pawsh, he didn’t want to go home! His personality flourished here and I can tell he was treated very well. When you walk in, you see the pups in basically a makeshift living room, which I love. They sent me pictures with I appreciated. Y’all earned a lifelong customer.


Pawsh Dog House Review
Victoria C.
Had my dog groomed after getting a bad groom at a different facility. They did an amazing job! The groomer followed the grooming instructions perfectly and he smelled just as good as he looked. Thank you!


Pawsh Dog House Review
Jill H.
All of the workers at Pawsh are so sweet to my dog! He always looks forward to his visit, even on bath days. They take great care of him and he is always groomed just the way I want him to look.


Pawsh Dog House Review
Lauren S.
Pawsh is the best thing to ever happen to our dog. I know he is in great hands every time he goes for a playdate or for a bath. Before I found Pawsh I tried another place not too far-The first time he seemed ok but the second time I took him he started shaking in the car, even before we pulled up. He peed all over the car and I had to drag him out of the car to go inside. Needless to say I didn’t even bother booking him that day for a playdate.. to this day I still have no idea what happened that made him act that way. That has NEVER happened at Pawsh, if anything it is the opposite. He is always excited to go play and rushes to the door to get in. The entire staff is super friendly and I have never had any issues with them. They have added on some new team members and they are all super friendly and even let our dog hang out in the front room when all the other dogs in the back have checked out. He comes home exhausted which makes me happy because I don’t have a dog bouncing off the walls from being inside all day. Thank you Pawsh!!!


Pawsh Dog House Review
Lynette L.
I am very happy with Pawsh! I have a Burnese Mountain Dog & her hair get super long & shaggy. They do a great job on her & when she comes home she is beautiful! I have tried other groomers but this is the best!


Pawsh Dog House Review
James V.
They treated me and my dog like family! I would highly recommend their services!