What to Consider When Choosing a Doggie Day Care

Attending daycare is a great way for your dog to practice socializing and expend pent-up energy. Here are some points to consider when choosing a daycare facility for your furry friend.

What to Consider When Choosing a Doggie Day Care


  • Visit in person. A good daycare will be willing to give you a tour so you can see how awesome their place really is.
  • Cleanliness. Some hair and slobber are normal, but strong urine or feces odors are a red flag.
  • Play areas. These should be surrounded by 6-8 foot fences that separate large and small dogs. They should not look crowded. Plenty of clean water should be provided here, as well as shelter from rain, heat, and cold.


  • Adequate numbers. At least one person should be in each occupied play area. A good ratio is 1 human to every 10-15 dogs.
  • Knowledgeable. Staff should be familiar with dog behavior, able to interpret body language cues, and comfortable administering any necessary food or medication.
  • Communicative. Staff should be willing and able to inform you if your dog was involved in a fight, injured in some way, or displayed concerning behavior.
  • Attitude. Calm, gentle, and positive staff members will provide the best care for your dog. Look for an attentive staff that dotes on your dog.

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Proof of vaccination. A good daycare requires that all attendees have up-to-date vaccinations, to ensure safety and limit the spread of disease.
  • Emergency care. Ideally, a staff member will take your dog to his usual vet immediately if he requires emergency care.
  • Disinfecting procedure. A proper disinfecting procedure protects your dog from viral and bacterial infections.
  • Evacuation plans. Be sure to ask about the facility’s evacuation plan and how you can get your pup safely home in case of an emergency.

Other Dogs

  • Initial evaluation. Good daycares evaluate new dogs to determine how they interact with others. There may be both a written questionnaire and dog-to-dog temperament evaluation.

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