Why Boarding Your Dog At Your Vet Is Probably A Bad Idea

There are plenty of dog boarding facilities out there, but for most people, the one that springs to mind is probably the one they are most familiar with  – their veterinarian. Now, not all veterinarians offer boarding services, but many do. They already have the areas and the staff for it since they often have to care for other animals overnight.

Why Boarding Your Dog At Your Vet Is Probably A Bad Idea

While some may find it comforting to know their dog is so close to medical help, and it can be valuable if your dog is already sickly, it is probably better not to board your dog at the vet.

The Vet is Scary

Think about it. Your dog probably already hates the vet. The only thing that happens there is pain. Furthermore, many dogs feel this way. You’d have to imagine that the entire vet office is just soaked in the anxiety and fear of thousands of animals. Even if they aren’t getting their shots, your dog probably doesn’t want to spend the night there.

Your Vet Isn’t Designed For Comfort

While some veterinarian offices have spacious spots for pets, they aren’t really designed for long-term stays for the most part. Some vets may simply put your dog in a metal cage just barely big enough for them. It is not exactly the most luxurious spot, but it serves the purpose most veterinarians need it to – the animal will heal.

Vets Lack Staff

Your dog will be let out to relieve themselves while staying at the vet, but that is probably all. No long walks, no play time, no attention other than potty breaks and food. It’s kind of sad to think about it, but the staff at the vet is for keeping animals healthy and not necessarily for keeping them happy.

Need a Better Dog Vacation?

If you thought boarding your dog at your vet is your only option now have a better alternative.  If you live in the Houston area and you are interested in leaving your pet in good hands then contact us today to discuss your many options.