Dog Grooming Is More Than Fur Deep

Many pet owners buy into the notion that dog grooming is a frou-frou luxury for those who have run out of things to spend money on. Don’t count veterinarians among them. The consensus among vets is that regular grooming is essential for your dog’s current and future health. Your fur baby’s skin, fur, paws, teeth, nails and glands all carry potential risk for disease and must be kept in good condition. Dog grooming is more than fur deep!

Dog Grooming Is More Than Fur Deep

Nipping Health Problems in the Bud

To understand the importance of dog grooming, think in terms of little problems turning into big problems down the line. Here’s how routine grooming procedures can help:

  •  Haircut.

The groomer can find small tumors and skin abnormalities that are often telltale signs of infection.

  • Expression of anal glands.

Regular draining and cleansing of rectal discharge can prevent itchiness and discomfort that lead to bad habits like rubbing hind ends on the ground, scratching or biting the area—habits that can also lead to infection.

  • Nail trimming.

You already know morning walks aren’t quite as pleasant when your furry buddy has a sore foot. Overly long nails can put her in a permanent bad mood and eventually affect her posture and even the structure of her foot.

  • Tooth cleaning.

A regular trip to the dog groomer is like a regular trip to the dentist. Oral health can prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Disease prevention

Although Lyme disease is more curable in canines than humans, it is a miserable experience no dog should have to endure: fever, fatigue, stiffness of joints, pain and loss of appetite. Dog grooming specialists can find infected ticks that you missed. Matted hair can hide other parasites like fleas and worms as well.

Quality of Life

A professional dog grooming is an extension of your love for your pet. A massage with oil improves circulation, relieves stress and nourishes skin. A regular shampoo keeps her smelling and feeling good so you’ll want to cuddle with her even more!

Let’s face it: These aren’t procedures you are going to do regularly for your dog, despite your best intentions. Connect with a qualified, licensed professional to set up regular appointments: contact us