Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

While your pup may never need a haircut, and baths may be quick and simple, regular grooming and skin care is essential for a healthy short-haired dog. For these dogs, it’s not about brushing out tangles and trimming long locks, but paying close attention to the condition of the skin. Shorter hair means less protection against potential allergens and environmental hazards. There are many benefits to starting a grooming routine for your dog, even if there isn’t much hair to brush!

Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

Building Trust

A well-balanced dog is accustomed to nail trimmings, dental care, and various examinations. You want your dog to be comfortable in all types of procedures and trust the humans performing them. This will be especially helpful for vet and groomer visits. You may need to start slow or work with a professional trainer if you don’t yet have a regular grooming routine or are working with a dog that has had negative experiences in the past.

Spotting Skin Issues

Without a thick coat for protection, short-haired dogs can easily develop skin issues like allergies or infections. The advantage of having a short-haired dog, however, is that it’s easier to notice these issues before they become serious. Catching problem areas early may prevent costly veterinary procedures or medications. Use a flea comb to look for things like dandruff, fleas or flea dirt, insect bites, rashes, discoloration, and pustules. A quality diet, baths with gentle shampoos, and flea and tick preventatives help ward off these problems, but they can’t replace a thorough skin check.

Your Dog Will Love It!

Most dogs love a good massage, and they won’t protest a rub down with the right brush. For short-haired dogs, you’ll want to avoid the slicker brushes and de-shedding tools. Choose a gentle, soft-bristled or rubber brush. This is a great way to strengthen your bond and keep your dog’s skin and coat in great shape at the same time!

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