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Fleas in Your Yard: How to Prevent an Infestation

Fleas in Your Yard: How to Prevent an Infestation

Fleas thrive in the warm weather, however they will die if temperatures stay above 95 degrees, for two days.

The tricky part, is all the shaded areas of your yard. These areas stay cooler. They will be the areas you need to do take care of ASAP!

So here’s what you need to do….

Fleas in Your Yard: How to Prevent an Infestation
  • Treat your lawn with a flea killing spray or granule.
  • Mow your grass a little bit higher than normal. Overly long grass gives fleas places to hide, while grass that’s too short (less than 2 inches) won’t be attractive to spiders or ants, both of which prey on fleas.
  • Remove thatch and leaf piles. These gives fleas, their eggs, and their larvae a place to hide. 
  • Avoid overwatering. Fleas love moisture.
  • Mulch with cedar. Fleas hate cedar.
  • Let the sunshine in. Remove low branches and prune thick canopies to allow sunlight to reach areas beneath.
  • Clear clutter. Remove places throughout the yard under which fleas can hide and lay eggs.
  • Evict wildlife. Critters like squirrels, feral cats, skunks, rabbits, and deer, all carry fleas.

         Flea Fact: Humidity also plays a factor in the survival of fleas. Relative humidity above 75% can extend the life span of adult fleas.


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Boarding That Feels Like Home

Going away can be stressful, whether it’s a planned vacation, or an unexpected family emergency. And leaving your furry family member behind can only deepen your anxiety. You want to leave your loved one in well-trusted and loving hands, but finding someone suitable is not always an easy task.

And although the thought of traveling with your pet has crossed your mind, you realize how difficult this could be, not only for yourself, but also for your dog. Most animals become nervous and anxious during travel, and often times sick. In addition, many hotels, including restaurants, do not welcome pets, and the ones that do, can be pricey.

Boarding That Feels Like Home

There is always the option of leaving your dog at home and asking a friend to stop by to care for them, but a lonely and bored dog can also become a destructive one. They often times will chew on furniture, drywall, and may even swallow objects causing injury to their intestines.

So what is the solution to your dilemma?– Dog boarding, of course!  At Pawsh Doghouse, we offer boarding that feels like home.   Your furry canine will find love and comfort with our well-trained and trusted staff.   And boredom? That’s not even in our vocabulary. Your pet will receive plenty of exercise, potty breaks, and the mental stimulation and socialization he needs. Your dog will delight in our group, or private, playtime. We even have exclusive lodging where your dog can rest peacefully.

We offer a variety of packages to meet your pet’s needs in the Houston area.   Just visit our page and read our wonderful testimonials !

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, release your anxiety and fears, and leave your four-legged pal with us.  If fact, don’t be surprised if your pet doesn’t want to leave when you return to pick her up.  After all, sometimes your dog needs a vacation too.

So please contact us, because your pet needs boarding that feels like home.

Dog Boarding For The Holidays

It’s a common question every dog owner faces during the holiday travel season: “Who will take care of the dogs while I’m away?” Your usual dog sitter may be traveling, or you may not know anyone who can look after them. That’s where dog boarding comes in! You can rest assured that your beloved pups will be taken care of while you travel.

Dog Boarding For The Holidays

Boarding vs. Sitters

If you’re used to hiring sitters, you may be a little cautious of the idea of boarding. However, there are advantages to boarding over sitters that make it an excellent alternative if you’re looking to try it out.

  • Constant Supervision: When you board your dog, you can rest assured that they’ll be carefully watched and won’t be able to get into any trouble or danger during their stay.
  • Socialization: Your dog will be around many other dogs and people in a safe environment, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lonely. They may even make some new friends!
  • Flexibility: Dog boarders are willing to work with you and your dog to figure out the best plan for their stay. Does your dog need more time alone to de-stress? That can be easily arranged. Does your dog have a blanket it has to sleep with? Bring it over! Anything your dog needs or anything that will make it easier on your dog can be worked with.
  • Trusted Professionals: Nothing beats your dog’s owner, but you can be assured that your dog will be left with professional caretakers with a passion for dogs who will give them the best treatment they can.


If the idea sounds like a good fit for you and your dog, now is a good time to start preparing for it. Start off by visiting the facility and finding out as much as you can. Ask the staff questions, and see if you can even take a tour of the place. If it all sounds and looks good, start bringing your dog over and familiarizing them with it. That way, when it’s time for you to leave, they’ll already be more comfortable.

When it’s time to drop your dog off for their boarding visit, it’s also a good idea to drop them off with a favorite toy, or even some of their favorite treats. The familiar comfort and smells of home will ease their nerves and make it a much more stress-free time for them.

If you’re in the Houston area and are ready to start scheduling visits or boarding for the holidays, contact us today! We offer several packages to fit your needs and will make sure your dog is as spoiled as can be away from home.

Why Boarding Your Dog At Your Vet Is Probably A Bad Idea

There are plenty of dog boarding facilities out there, but for most people, the one that springs to mind is probably the one they are most familiar with  – their veterinarian. Now, not all veterinarians offer boarding services, but many do. They already have the areas and the staff for it since they often have to care for other animals overnight.

Why Boarding Your Dog At Your Vet Is Probably A Bad Idea

While some may find it comforting to know their dog is so close to medical help, and it can be valuable if your dog is already sickly, it is probably better not to board your dog at the vet.

The Vet is Scary

Think about it. Your dog probably already hates the vet. The only thing that happens there is pain. Furthermore, many dogs feel this way. You’d have to imagine that the entire vet office is just soaked in the anxiety and fear of thousands of animals. Even if they aren’t getting their shots, your dog probably doesn’t want to spend the night there.

Your Vet Isn’t Designed For Comfort

While some veterinarian offices have spacious spots for pets, they aren’t really designed for long-term stays for the most part. Some vets may simply put your dog in a metal cage just barely big enough for them. It is not exactly the most luxurious spot, but it serves the purpose most veterinarians need it to – the animal will heal.

Vets Lack Staff

Your dog will be let out to relieve themselves while staying at the vet, but that is probably all. No long walks, no play time, no attention other than potty breaks and food. It’s kind of sad to think about it, but the staff at the vet is for keeping animals healthy and not necessarily for keeping them happy.

Need a Better Dog Vacation?

If you thought boarding your dog at your vet is your only option now have a better alternative.  If you live in the Houston area and you are interested in leaving your pet in good hands then contact us today to discuss your many options.

Why Cage-Free Boarding is a Good Choice for Your Dog

It used to be that dog boarding meant keeping your dog locked in a tiny dog prison cell for the duration of your vacation. To many dog owners, dog boarding still means that. However, you always know a good boarding facility because they have the option for a cage-free boarding experience. While if your dog is excessively nervous or aggressive it might not be the right choice, if you have a social dog butterfly on your hands, they can have just as much of a vacation in it as you are.

Why Cage-Free Boarding is a Good Choice for Your Dog

If your dog does well in social situations, then a cage-free boarding experience is like an all day play date. They are put in with groups of like minded dogs also staying there, and are of course supervised by staff to play and quickly break up any disputes.

However, don’t mistake that cage-free boarding is 100% cage-free. Your dog will be free to roam all day, but will still be privileged to private sleeping accommodations at night. After a long day of roaming around and playing with a bunch of dogs, it is likely they will sleep like a stone and not even realize they are alone. It might be kind of sad to think your dog isn’t going to be missing you, but at least you will know that they will be too tired to miss you.

Unfortunately, cage-less boarding isn’t right for every dog. It may be that they need to have their cage-free time limited. Some dogs build up stress and that can make them act out. However, even if they need some solitude to unwind, they will still be treated to regular potty breaks and play time.

If you have a vacation planned and think cage-free boarding may be right for your dog, contact us today. We have facilities in SE Houston, Clear Lake, and East and West League City all ready for your dog.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

We don’t want to leave our dogs, but life sometimes takes us far from them. Boarding can be a great way to make sure your dog is taken care of while you are away, but it doesn’t stop you from worrying. However, there are ways you can prepare your dog for a boarding experience that can put your own mind at ease.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Get Your Dog Familiar

Many dog kennels also offer dog daycare. Dogs will always do better in an environment they are familiar with. For a week or two before boarding, it will be worthwhile for you to put your dog in the dog daycare service. That way, when it is time to stay overnight, they already know the lay of the land.

Pack a Few Items

Every dog likes a bit of home near them. When boarding a dog, pack a little care package for them. It could be the blanket they sleep on or their favorite toy. It could also be both, but try not to pack the whole house for them. It might be tempting, but they will usually be fine with one or two things. You will also want to pack their food for them as well.

Exercise Off the Nerves

A tired dog is a happy dog. Before heading over to the boarding facility, if you have time, exercise with your dog. Take a nice long walk, play a marathon of fetch, or whatever gets your dog running around and panting. This can also be helpful if you have a long plane ride ahead of you as well.

Ready For Your Trip?

If you have a trip coming up and need to board your dog, if you are in the Houston area, contact us today. We are happy to show you around the facility and also offer dog daycare services if your dog needs to get accommodated first.