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Fleas in Your Yard: How to Prevent an Infestation

Fleas in Your Yard: How to Prevent an Infestation

Fleas thrive in the warm weather, however they will die if temperatures stay above 95 degrees, for two days.

The tricky part, is all the shaded areas of your yard. These areas stay cooler. They will be the areas you need to do take care of ASAP!

So here’s what you need to do….

Fleas in Your Yard: How to Prevent an Infestation
  • Treat your lawn with a flea killing spray or granule.
  • Mow your grass a little bit higher than normal. Overly long grass gives fleas places to hide, while grass that’s too short (less than 2 inches) won’t be attractive to spiders or ants, both of which prey on fleas.
  • Remove thatch and leaf piles. These gives fleas, their eggs, and their larvae a place to hide. 
  • Avoid overwatering. Fleas love moisture.
  • Mulch with cedar. Fleas hate cedar.
  • Let the sunshine in. Remove low branches and prune thick canopies to allow sunlight to reach areas beneath.
  • Clear clutter. Remove places throughout the yard under which fleas can hide and lay eggs.
  • Evict wildlife. Critters like squirrels, feral cats, skunks, rabbits, and deer, all carry fleas.

         Flea Fact: Humidity also plays a factor in the survival of fleas. Relative humidity above 75% can extend the life span of adult fleas.


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Rounding Up Your Dog Care Options

It can be tough parting from your pup for a vacation, or even a business trip. They hold your heart in their paws, and love you unconditionally. It’s only natural that you want to best care for them while you’re away, or the best care in general. Whether it comes to trimming their fur or leaving them for a short trip, the Pawsh Doghouse provides several great services, including grooming, daycare, and boarding!

Rounding Up Your Dog Care Options

With each category, there are several options you can choose from, which will be discussed below.


You can choose from packages that include private play time, private sleeping quarters, and even pictures of your pup via text. You can choose to have them play with other dogs too, but it’s up to you.

For your dog’s health and safety, and for the safety of the other guests, there are a few requirements to board with Pawsh. Your pup must be healthy, friendly, be older than 4 months, without ticks and fleas, and have a list of their current shots.

Boarding is available at these Pawsh Locations:

East and West League City

South East Houston

Clear Lake


Your pup’s size and hair length determine the prices of a grooming session.

Small Breeds with short to long hair range from $25 to $35.

Medium breeds with short to long hair range from $30 to $45.

And Large breeds with short to long hair range from $35 to $55.

Along with grooming packages, there are other care packages. You can get your dog’s nails ground, have specialized shampoos and conditioners applied, and you can have their teeth cleaned. There are other services as well, like application of flea control medications and playtime to socialize your pup.


If you don’t want to leave your dog alone all day, you have options. With the daycare program, you can drop your furbaby off at 7 am (the earliest), and pick them up at 6:30 pm (the latest). Daycare is typically available Monday through Saturday!

They offer several prepaid packages and several basic packages.

Pawsh Doghouse is an excellent option for your dog when you need a service, whether it be a simple nail grinding or boarding. You can find more details on everything listed above, on the Pawsh Doghouse website, or you can contact them directly with the following link. contact us

Dog Grooming Is More Than Fur Deep

Many pet owners buy into the notion that dog grooming is a frou-frou luxury for those who have run out of things to spend money on. Don’t count veterinarians among them. The consensus among vets is that regular grooming is essential for your dog’s current and future health. Your fur baby’s skin, fur, paws, teeth, nails and glands all carry potential risk for disease and must be kept in good condition. Dog grooming is more than fur deep!

Dog Grooming Is More Than Fur Deep

Nipping Health Problems in the Bud

To understand the importance of dog grooming, think in terms of little problems turning into big problems down the line. Here’s how routine grooming procedures can help:

  •  Haircut.

The groomer can find small tumors and skin abnormalities that are often telltale signs of infection.

  • Expression of anal glands.

Regular draining and cleansing of rectal discharge can prevent itchiness and discomfort that lead to bad habits like rubbing hind ends on the ground, scratching or biting the area—habits that can also lead to infection.

  • Nail trimming.

You already know morning walks aren’t quite as pleasant when your furry buddy has a sore foot. Overly long nails can put her in a permanent bad mood and eventually affect her posture and even the structure of her foot.

  • Tooth cleaning.

A regular trip to the dog groomer is like a regular trip to the dentist. Oral health can prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Disease prevention

Although Lyme disease is more curable in canines than humans, it is a miserable experience no dog should have to endure: fever, fatigue, stiffness of joints, pain and loss of appetite. Dog grooming specialists can find infected ticks that you missed. Matted hair can hide other parasites like fleas and worms as well.

Quality of Life

A professional dog grooming is an extension of your love for your pet. A massage with oil improves circulation, relieves stress and nourishes skin. A regular shampoo keeps her smelling and feeling good so you’ll want to cuddle with her even more!

Let’s face it: These aren’t procedures you are going to do regularly for your dog, despite your best intentions. Connect with a qualified, licensed professional to set up regular appointments: contact us

Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

While your pup may never need a haircut, and baths may be quick and simple, regular grooming and skin care is essential for a healthy short-haired dog. For these dogs, it’s not about brushing out tangles and trimming long locks, but paying close attention to the condition of the skin. Shorter hair means less protection against potential allergens and environmental hazards. There are many benefits to starting a grooming routine for your dog, even if there isn’t much hair to brush!

Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

Building Trust

A well-balanced dog is accustomed to nail trimmings, dental care, and various examinations. You want your dog to be comfortable in all types of procedures and trust the humans performing them. This will be especially helpful for vet and groomer visits. You may need to start slow or work with a professional trainer if you don’t yet have a regular grooming routine or are working with a dog that has had negative experiences in the past.

Spotting Skin Issues

Without a thick coat for protection, short-haired dogs can easily develop skin issues like allergies or infections. The advantage of having a short-haired dog, however, is that it’s easier to notice these issues before they become serious. Catching problem areas early may prevent costly veterinary procedures or medications. Use a flea comb to look for things like dandruff, fleas or flea dirt, insect bites, rashes, discoloration, and pustules. A quality diet, baths with gentle shampoos, and flea and tick preventatives help ward off these problems, but they can’t replace a thorough skin check.

Your Dog Will Love It!

Most dogs love a good massage, and they won’t protest a rub down with the right brush. For short-haired dogs, you’ll want to avoid the slicker brushes and de-shedding tools. Choose a gentle, soft-bristled or rubber brush. This is a great way to strengthen your bond and keep your dog’s skin and coat in great shape at the same time!

If you’re looking for a dog groomer in the Houston area, contact us today to learn what services we offer for short-haired dogs.

How to Keep a Dog’s Coat Beautiful and Healthy

There are a few signs of a healthy happy dog – bright and alert eyes, a wagging tail, a healthy appetite – but none or more obvious than their coat of fur. The more silky and lustrous it is, the healthier your dog is. However, while inner ailments can affect a dog’s coat, a healthy looking coat also comes from outer grooming as well. So how does one keep a healthy looking coat on their dog?

How to Keep a Dog's Coat Beautiful and Healthy

Frequent Brushing

Some see brushing as merely a way to deal with shedding, and yes, it does help with that. However, brushing also removes tangles, spreads natural oils, and released other particles trapped in dense fur. Brushing is something that shouldn’t be neglected as it is crucial for a healthy dog. If brushing is neglected and the dog has tangles or matted hair, they can be quite painful to the animal.

Keep a Good Diet

The first sign of poor nutrition of a dog is a brittle, dry, thin, or otherwise a dull coat. Make sure your dog is getting a healthy and high quality diet. If your dog’s coat is looking unhealthy, you may want to find a food with higher fatty acids.

Check Regularly

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your dog is notice a problem. Be sure to give them a regular once over. Be sure to check the armpits and other crevasses for matted fur, notice any fur that doesn’t feel quite right, and watch to see if they are scratching or flaking. Off-feeling fur and obsessive scratching may merit a trip to the vet to make sure it isn’t caused by something more serious.

Grooming Keeps a Dog Healthy

Regular grooming is crucial to a healthy dog. Not only do they need regular brushing, but their nails and teeth need to be regularly attended too. It is a lot of work and some dogs can be excessively difficult about it. If your dog needs grooming in the Houston area, contact us today to see what services we offer.