Steps to Make Pet Grooming a Great Experience for Your Puppy, Part I of II

Puppies are lively. They’re enthusiastic. They’re fun to be around. They love to explore. Ah, but do they love to be groomed? Well, some may. But puppies can also experience their first grooming experience as an intrusion of foreign elements — new people, new implements, new smells. It can be slightly scary, and not fun. As a result, it’s a good idea to prepare your puppy to like grooming. After all, why wait until it’s over to enjoy being pampered — and the ability to be sitting clean and pretty? Here’s some tips on making not only your puppy’s initial visit to the groomer as pleasant as possible.

Steps to Make Pet Grooming a Great Experience for Your Puppy, Part I of II

Start a regular routine

To be at your pet’s best, they need regular professionals who care for them. A vet. Possibly a dog walker, if you can’t be around much and your puppy is active. A groomer should be introduced just as a vet or dog walker would be, at a young age. The earlier you start, the more the puppy understands that this is just what we do at our house. Shampooing, clipping, and brushing should be something your dog expects will happen on a regular basis. Socialize them to expect it. A mobile grooming experience can be a great way to introduce it, as it’s a transition between the home and the groomer.

Take a piece of their usual habitat with them

Dogs are creatures of smell and habit, among other elements. The grooming experience will be more comfortable if they can have a blanket they usually lay on (smells like them) or some favorite toys (elements of their usual hangout) with them when they’re groomed. Ask the groomer if these can go with the dog to grooming. Be sure and wash the blanket, of course, to be in keeping with the clean and pretty of the grooming experience.

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