Doggie Day Care, Safer than the Dog Park!

Is it possible to let your dog run free and still be safe?  We’ve all seen them on the outskirts of town; fenced in green pastures that allow for open area, outdoor dog play and require a key card for entry. Load your pup in the car, race off to the park where he can play with his buddies outside and take a nap when you get home. Seems like a wonderful idea, right?  When arriving at the park, all you have to do is swipe your key card, open the gate, and let the dog run free. Not only is your dog not properly introduced to other dogs, but there is also no way for you to know that their “new friend” is up to date on all vaccines or isn’t carrying a nasty parasite. This also increases the risk for the spread of fleas and ticks. Our facilities always require proof of vaccinations, and have trained staff to evaluate introductions. Have you considered doggie day care as a safer alternative than a dog park?

Doggie Day Care, Safer than the Dog Park!


Properly introducing dogs is a critical stage in socialization that allows your dog to decide “friend or foe”, and allows the human to react based on their decision. If friend is decided, the dogs can happily play and enjoy themselves in a healthy manner. However, if foe is the decision, a fight can be devastating and may result in injury to you and the dog. Body language during introduction can tell a lot about how the meeting will go, and misreading this can impose serious behavioral risks. It is always recommended to consult with a professional when introducing dogs. Having a trained staff within our facilities ensures that all introductions are handled properly, and that all dogs have a great and safe time.


Parasites and bacterial infections are a whole other issue. At the dog park there are generally 1-3 water buckets that are filled when needed. But who cleans them and how often? Many parasites are transferred from dog to dog, and the community water bucket is a cesspool of them. There are certain parasites that are transferred through feces. When the dog accidentally runs through infected grass then plays in the water bucket, the water becomes contaminated and infects almost every dog that drinks from it. Sanitation is of the utmost importance in our facilities, and water buckets are cleaned several times a day by the staff. Our employees ensure speedy and thorough cleanup after every potty break, reducing the risk of illness and costly vet visits.

Please contact any of our four locations if you would like a safe, sanitary, and monitored environment for your dog to play and have a great time!

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