Doggie Daycare: Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

More than half the dogs in the United States are overweight. Obese dogs are much more prone to chronic diseases such as arthritis and heart disease. These diseases also make it harder or more dangerous for dogs to exercise. Doggie Daycare is a great way to add exercise to your dog’s routine.

Doggie Daycare: Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

Exercise is crucial for all living beings, but it may be even more so for dogs, because not only their health but their mental well-being can be impaired by not getting enough exercise. In fact, if you’ve ever come home to a ripped couch or chewed-upon shoes, it may be because your dog isn’t getting enough exercise. It can make them nervous and bored…which can lead them to try and find excitement in your apartment any way they can.

How much should your dog exercise? If you have a small breed such as a pug, it could be healthy and happy with 30 minutes a day. If you have a larger dog, such as a Lab or a collie, a good amount is around 2 hours per day. One-half hour to 2 hours is a range; dogs in the midsize breed range should have an exercise regimen in the middle.

Dogs love to walk, run, and play fetch, so all of these activities are good. But experts also caution that good exercise provides stimulation other than the physical to dogs. Mental stimulation is important too. Dogs like to explore unfamiliar territory. They like to poke around and smell things. So if you’re a runner and like to take your dog with you, for example, work in some time when your dog can walk at a leisurely pace and sniff stuff.

Varying the route is important to mental stimulation. That’s why fetch, although a great game from a fitness standpoint, isn’t the most mentally stimulating of dog exercise plans. They love to run back and forth, and it’s fine in moderation. But running back and forth will pale from the interest standpoint.

When you think about boarding your dog, think about their exercise and other needs. We can help. To discuss boarding your dog, or Doggie Daycare contact us today.