Dangers of Pet Fur Matting

Now more than ever we need our animal friends, to comfort us and keep us company. Pawsh Dog House is open, safely, because grooming is never just a cosmetic benefit; it has health benefits such as the removal of matting from dog and cat fur. Don’t let the cool weather fool you! As soon as weather starts to get cool, people think that their dogs need to keep all their fur. They decide to either keep the fur in a longer style, or not get the dog groomed at all. If your dog spends most of its time indoors, you can keep them in their normal grooming style. If your dog is going to be spending extended periods outdoors, try a doggy sweater.  The picture shows matting, that we often see at Pawsh Dog House. Pet parents don’t realize how quickly serious matting can occur. Without regular brushing, tangles turn into heavy matting. Matts can pull the skin tightly, causing poor circulation. This leads to serious discomfort, skin problems, and even hematoma. De-matting a dog can be dangerous if not done by a trained groomer. Brush burn, razor burn, knicks and cuts can be the result of poor grooming. For your pet’s ultimate health and comfort, we recommend regular grooming.  Pawsh Dog House offers weekly baths at 50% off. We can keep your pup brushed out so you don’t have to worry.

Matted dog fur
This dog needs grooming