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Will Your Doggie Love Daycare?

There are many things to consider before you choose to put your best friend in a doggie daycare. So many, that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to choose the right place for your dog. This short list of things to look for in your dog’s day care center will help you get on your way to finding the perfect place for your best friend! Will Your Doggie Love Daycare?

Will Your Doggie Love Daycare?

Is Your BFF Friendly?

Your dog will have to be very social to survive in a doggie daycare center. This isn’t the day care centers fault, but rather, that is what these places are made for! Most doggie daycare centers are designed so that your playful pooch is able to have the time of their lives playing with all their new friends.

Is the Center Clean?

You’ll want to take notice of how the daycare is taken care of, I mean, it is where your dog will spending much of their day. Now, as dog owners, we know that sometimes it is impossible to keep up with our pooches, let alone a whole daycare, but pay attention to the little things. Are the rooms where your dog will be dirty? Do they have an outdoor center, and are droppings picked up? Does the staff seem friendly? Go with your gut when it comes to the place your pooch will be watched. Remember, you want that daycare to adore your friend as much as you do.

This Will Be Their Home Away From Home.

You want to make sure that your dog likes where they are. Of course, your friend might be a little skiddish when they first arrive, but if they never relax during your initial visit, you may want to take that into consideration. A dog knows what is good and bad for them (the piece of plastic they ate yesterday doesn’t count). Pay attention to your pup’s reactions to the daycare, good and bad.

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3 Reasons You Should Utilize Doggie Daycare

Have you ever considered putting your fur babies in doggie daycare only to feel guilt creep in moments later?

“I should just take care of them.”

“I shouldn’t have to count on another person to take care of my responsibility.”

“I don’t want Buttercup and Rosie to think I abandoned them.”

Well we’re here to give you 3 reassuring reasons why you should kick the guilt aside and utilize doggie daycare as a benefit to you AND your fur baby.

3 Reasons You Should Utilize Doggie Daycare

1. Socialization. Socialization. Socialization.

Socializing your pup is crucial at any age, but especially as a puppy. Just like humans, we need to get used to people when we are little. We can’t hang on to the same pacifier our mom uses to calm us down and we can’t always resort to our baby blanket and favorite stuffed animal when we are intimidated. Dogs grow up and come in contact with more dogs and humans too. This is your opportunity to to give YOUR PUP a space where they can socialize with other dogs and learn, you know, dog manners and stuff.

2. More socializing for your pup = more socializing for you. 

By dropping your pup off at daycare, not only do they learn to how to behave with other dogs and humans, you get humanly interaction too. This includes humanly interaction with yourself too. You can choose enjoy a drink after work with your favorite coworkers, sign up for your favorite yoga class, or even take time picking out groceries at the store without the guilt that Bubba is waiting on you at home. In fact, he’s not even thinking about you – more about who’s behind he can sniff!

3. A clean house with the fur baby out!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean the entire house and not immediately find the couch covered in dog hair right after? That’s because it’s almost impossible to do when they’re following you around the house as you vacuum and sweep and mop. Although we kind of admit that WE think it’s cute when dogs bark at the vacuum, you probably don’t. It is even cuter to clean the house when your furry friend isn’t interrupting. Drop your pup off at doggie daycare and give your house some uninterrupted attention!

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