Making The Doggy Bath Fun

Your poor pooch hates bath time, even though it is an important part of the dog grooming process. He sings the sad song of his people as you hold him down and cover him in suds. Skip the fight and make doggy bath time more enjoyable for you and your pooch with these simple tricks.

Making The Doggy Bath Fun

Use an Anti-Slip Mat

One of the main reasons dogs don’t enjoy bath time is because they don’t feel safe. Between the water, the wet tub and the soap bath time can become very slippery. Using an anti-slip mat, some bathtub stickies or even a towel will increase the traction between your pups feet and the bottom of the tub making him feel safer.

Use Warm Water

No one enjoys a cold bath. Using warm water, measuring about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit will help relax your pup. Too cold of water can be stressful on your dog during bath time. You can put a small amount of water in the tub and have your dog lay down or gently pour the water over him. If neither option is working use a washcloth and get your pooch wet with that. Many prefer to have a shower head on a hose to easily wet and rinse the dog.

Careful on the Face

Wash your dogs face with a washcloth instead of running water down it. Gently wipe around the eyes and nose with a mild soap being careful not to get it into his eyes or nose.

Stay Calm

Dogs are sensitive creatures and they can sense when their human is stressed. This will lead to them feeling stressed as well. Keeping yourself calm during bath time will help ensure that your pooch is calmer too. Use positive reinforcement with easy treats or a favorite waterproof toy. Use a calm and playful voice. Do not scold your dog. Scolding your dog in the bath may result in them fearing the bath even more. Instead, follow his cues and stop doing what is scary. Show him that it isn’t something to fear and proceed a little slower.

If you take your time and provide some comforts both you and your pooch will soon be able to enjoy doggy bath time together. For Further information please contact us.