Fleas in Your House: It’s okay to be a serial killer

Fleas in Your House: It's okay to be a serial killerFleas in Your House: It’s ok to be a serial killer.

Ok, so fleas on your dog means you most likely have fleas in your home. How exciting!

This is definitely a nightmare!

The best places to find the fleas in your house is where your dogs and cats hang out most – bedding, furniture, carpets and the places they eat.

Treat these areas with something that kills fleas.

Let’s see; you can use flea powders/sprays. I would rather use something more natural. Something with peppermint would be safe for dogs and kids. (Be careful with cats.)

Also, something really amazing: You can just sprinkle some plain old salt or baking soda (or both). They will make a razor blade jungle for the fleas to walk through. Kill them all!

Make sure to leave the sprinkles down for at least 24 hours, then vacuum up the corpses.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

Vacuuming removes lots of flea larvae and eggs from the carpet. It also removes their food source. Make sure to clean the filter often. The filter can get infested too. Why not put some salt or baking soda in there, as well? Die, fleas!

Vacuum, again. I’m serious!

Ok, I know you have a lot of vacuuming to do, but you have to save some time to wash the bedding.

Wash it more often than you normally would. Make sure to use high heat. Remember, you are on a mission to kill.

If you are in over your head with fleas, you may want to call the exterminator to get it under control. After that, you can maintain it.

Either way, fleas are going to DIE!

We’ll talk about your yard next time.

Good riddance to fleas and God bless you, Lauren and the PDH crew

Flea Fact: Fleas have Olympic-style jumping skills. They are able to jump more than 150 times their body length.