Heartworms and the Dangers to your Dog

The dangers of heartwormsEvery dog owner should know about the dangers of heartworms.

Dogs are mostly at risk, but cats can get them too.

Heartworms can kill! The map above shows the average number of cases of heartworm infection reported in clinics across America.

Do you know what heartworms are transmitted through– my least favorite thing about the summer time – MOSQUITOS!

They bite one dog that has heartworms and ingest larva. These larva transform inside the mosquito and can then be transmitted to another dog.

(Fortunately, dogs cannot pass these worms to one another without the aid of this worthless insect.)

Once these baby heartworms, “microfilaria,” are injected into a new doggy host, they take 6 months to become adults. The adult worms live in the dogs heart and lungs causing inflammation of the blood vessels and blocking blood flow  and leading to clots in the lungs and eventually to heart failure. Liver and kidney failure can result as well.

These worms have infected millions of dogs.

As a “parent” you’ll want to be  proactive and give your dog a heartworm preventive. Keep your four-legged friend healthy, any they’ll live healthy and heartworm free.

God Bless, Lauren & the PDH crew